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Excellence and innovation, “public welfare undertakings” are always on the way

Yu Lanqin, female, Han nationality, born in October 1970, is the general manager of Yancheng Dafeng Sanai Home Textile Co., Ltd. Over the years, she has united and led the company's 97 employees (82 females). She is not afraid of the downturn in receiving orders and forges ahead bravely. She boldly pursues excellence and innovation in new product development, and is strict in quality. She sincerely leads the development of the company and benefits the company. Employees, a concentrated display of the era of women cadres bravely shouldering heavy responsibilities and working hard.


Have the courage to develop business, and the enterprise develops by leaps and bounds

She is good at learning and delving into business knowledge, tackling key problems, researching market conditions, and mastering communication and negotiation skills with various suppliers. After nearly ten years of hard work, the company has implemented every hard work from the growth of its workforce and professional technical team, the expansion of production capacity, the expansion and relocation of plant scale, to equipment investment and the transformation and upgrading of intelligent production lines, etc. With one step of success, Sanai Home Textiles, which had only 7 machine sewing workers at the beginning, has developed into a home textile scale enterprise with more than 350 employees and an annual sale of 150 million yuan through recruiting talents and mobilizing surplus labor. The company has successively won titles such as "Integrity and Trustworthy Enterprise of Private Chamber of Commerce", "Provincial Demonstration Base for Processing Female Materials", "Outstanding Contribution Award for Industrial Economic Development".

Participate in public welfare undertakings to help those most in need

While the enterprise is developing and growing, she has not forgotten the people or groups in need of help in society. Home textile enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises. As a female business leader, she is well aware of the importance of women's work. The company's female employees account for more than 85%, and women's work is particularly important. She focused on improving their working conditions, increasing their remuneration, implementing benefits, and solving their living difficulties, and adopted a series of measures. In recent years, Yu Lanqin and Sanai Home Textiles have extended a helping hand to all walks of life many times to help those in need. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, she actively responded to the call, took the initiative to take responsibility, and devoted her best to her love, realizing the prevention and control of the epidemic with one hand and the development of the enterprise with the other. She has donated various anti-epidemic materials to the relevant higher-level departments for many times; during the holidays, she gave holiday gifts or benefits to the poor or widowed; when employees or their families encountered difficulties and illnesses, she took the lead in donating and mobilized all employees to help each other Mutual help, dedication of love, etc., let them feel true love, get out of the predicament, and play a positive role in filling the whole society with great love.

Post time: Apr-25-2023