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Sanai home textile technology reform new sprint comprehensive goal

Recently, the reporter saw in the production workshop of Sanai Home Textile Co., Ltd. that the workers are hurrying to make a batch of orders that will be sent to the United States. “Our company has achieved sales of 20 million yuan from January to September, and the current order has been scheduled until the end of January next year.” Yu Lanqin, the general manager of the company, said.

Sanai Home Textiles is a home textile enterprise that produces bedding. Since its establishment and production in 2012, the company has put high-quality product quality as the top priority of its own development, vigorously increased investment in technological transformation, and continuously updated and upgraded production lines. Broaden sales channels and seize the home textile market. The company has registered and declared the “three A” trademark for its products. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia and other countries and regions, and domestically sold to major supermarkets across the country.

Mrs. Yu led the reporter to the sample display area. The exquisite workmanship, soft touch, beautiful appearance and various colors of the four-piece suit are really beautiful under the embellishment of lights. “This set of British-style soldiers and the four-piece little yellow chicken set next to it are our latest products.” She introduced that in recent years, with the continuous enrichment and improvement of the home textile market, consumers’ demand for home textiles has continued to diversify. The aesthetic appearance alone is far from being able to meet the high standards and strict requirements of consumers. In order to meet the needs of the market, the company has further increased its investment in technical transformation. On the basis of promoting standardized production, investing in the construction of a standardized factory building of 12,000 square meters, purchasing 85 electric sewing machines, and adding 8 new quilting machines, the company The company also invested in the construction of a standardized factory building of 5,800 square meters, and newly installed two glued cotton production lines matching bedding, further expanding production capacity and improving the ability to respond to the market.

“From the initial 30 employees to more than 200 employees today, our company has continued to grow. Last year, we achieved a sales revenue of 12 million yuan.” The reporter learned that 2 new spray-coated cotton that matches the bedding The production line has improved the matching of products, lengthened the industrial chain, and reduced production costs. Their newly produced polyester bedding, non-glued cotton, and quilted quilts are favored by domestic and foreign customers for their variety, new patterns, and good texture.

This year, the company became a newly added fixed newspaper company in Dazhong Town. At the same time, the company also specially hired an export expert from Nantong with a high salary to strengthen the strength of the sales force. At present, the company is making every effort to organize production, work overtime, and sprint the annual target of 30 million yuan. “In the fourth quarter, our company still has more than 10 million production tasks. We will work overtime at full capacity to ensure the successful completion of the annual target tasks.” Mrs. Yu also revealed that the company is speeding up the establishment of a centralized external order, process design team, marketing planning, domestic sales and foreign trade as one of the backbone technical team, actively promote refined management, and promote sustainable development of enterprises.

Post time: Apr-25-2023