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Seek development despite the wind and rain, ride the wind and waves and set sail again

news_img01Yu Lanqin, 51 years old, member of the Communist Party of China, general manager of Dafeng Sanai Home Textile Co., Ltd. Sanai Home Textiles was established in October 2012. At the beginning, it was just a foreign trade processing point. With years of research and judgment on the market economy, Yu Lanqin positioned the sales market of foreign trade products in Europe, America and other regions, carefully studied foreign trade business, and visited all major raw material suppliers. At any cost, introduce international market development talents and replace intelligent equipment. After nearly 10 years of hard work, Sanai Home Textiles has undergone iterative upgrades and achieved leapfrog development. The company has more than 350 employees, 220 female employees, including 60 professional and technical personnel of various types, 160 sets (sets) of various smart home textile equipment and production lines, and the sales volume will reach 150 million yuan in 2020. The company has successively won the titles of Jiangsu Province Women’s Processing Demonstration Base, Dafeng Private Chamber of Commerce Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise, etc. Yu Lanqin was awarded the title of District March 8th Red Banner Bearer.

Dafeng Sanai Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade processing and export enterprise mainly engaged in bedding. From the beginning of its establishment in 2012, there were only more than 10 processing points, and today it has more than 350 employees. The products are exported to Europe and the United States. A 150-million-yuan enterprise, whether it is a bit of progress or transformation, cannot be separated from Yu Lanqin’s hard work and long-term vision.

2020 is an extraordinary year. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company actively responded to the call, took the initiative to take action, and dedicated its love. Prevention and control focus on enterprise development. Faced with difficulties such as market stagnation, material shortage, and epidemic prevention and control, Yu Lanqin led the majority of employees to quickly resume work and production, seize the opportunity of the surge in demand for masks, quickly explore the international market, and realize the company’s good development trend against the trend. Among the enterprises in our district, the company has achieved the “four earliest”: the first day of the 16th to resume work and production, it is the first batch of enterprises in our district to fully resume work and production; the production and sales of products are booming, and it is the first to open the gap in foreign trade exports in our district An enterprise that achieved growth; donated more than 70,000 masks, and was the first enterprise in our district to donate to local medical institutions, government departments, and public welfare organizations; introduced intelligent equipment and improved technical content, and was the first enterprise in our district to get out of the impact of the epidemic and transform products One of the upgraded businesses.

As the person in charge of a women’s enterprise, Yu Lanqin pays more attention to women’s work, often participates in various activities of the District Women’s Federation, and sincerely does practical things for the majority of women. The company is a labor-intensive enterprise, and the proportion of female employees exceeds 85%. It has always spared no effort in improving their working conditions, increasing their remuneration, implementing endowment insurance, and solving life difficulties. While leading the development of the enterprise, Yu Lanqin has not forgotten her social responsibility. As the vice president of the District Women Entrepreneurs Association, she has dedicated herself to giving love, doing public welfare, and striving to give back to the society. Activities, actively donate money and materials, take the lead in volunteer work, and contribute to helping the poor and the poor.

At present, the economic situation is still severe and complicated. Yu Lanqin said that he will lead all the employees of the company to continue to keep an eye on the international market, strengthen technological transformation, care for the lives of women workers, contribute to the society, and work hard to forge ahead in the new journey of socialist modernization in our district.

Post time: Apr-25-2023